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Resources from Fundraising training series May-June 2023

By NICVA 27 Jun 2023 Sandra Bailie

This provides an overview of the fundraising series and links to six resources that were developed from the training sessions. To help share and disseminate the knowledge learnt.

Introducing NICVA's new Menopause Policy

By NICVA 26 Jun 2023 Alex Hastings

At NICVA we are really pleased to introduce our new Menopause Policy to support staff affected by the menopause.

Menopause Policy

By NICVA 26 Jun 2023 Alex Hastings

This article outlines NICVA's Menopause Policy.

NICVA proud to announce new All Party Group for Voluntary and Community Sector

By NICVA 23 Jun 2023 Robbie Best

NICVA are proud to announce we will be the secretariat for a new All Party Group for the Voluntary and Community Sector at Stormont, giving our sector better and more direct access to elected representatives.

No-one knows where the jobs market is going

By ScopeNI 22 Jun 2023 Ryan Miller

Employment is a tentpole for society. Working keeps people well, produces stuff we need, and gives people money to pay their bills and live a life. However, we have no idea what the jobs market will look like in the near future.

Meet the Funder: Benefact Trust

By NICVA 21 Jun 2023 Jocelyn Horton

Andrew Bass, Senior Grants Officer the Benefact Trust gives an overview of the Trust and its funding programmes aimed at empowering churches and Christian charities across the UK and Ireland

Free cyber security support and accreditation - for organisations working with victims of domestic abuse

By NICVA 21 Jun 2023 Sandra Bailie

Does your organistion provide support to victims of domestic abuse? If so, The National Cyber Security Centre is offering a fully funded scheme to help your organisation to get Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

Cost of living: How we have been supporting our sector

By NICVA 20 Jun 2023 Sandra Bailie

Since March 2023, NICVA delivered a series of interventions, funded by The Department for Communities, in response to the cost of living challenges experienced by organisations across the sector.

10 Top Tips for Making Self-Evaluation Work for you!

By NICVA 20 Jun 2023 Leeann Kelly

NICVA have been delighted to partner with CES (Centre for Effective Services) to deliver an interactive and lively session on ‘An Introduction to Self-Evaluation’.

Small charities making a big impact

By NICVA 19 Jun 2023 Shauna O'Neill

Small Charity Week is here, and it’s time to celebrate and raise awareness of the vital work of the small charity sector, who make an invaluable contribution to the lives of individuals, communities and causes every day.

Austerity is a choice, and it looks like a bad one

By ScopeNI 14 Jun 2023 Ryan Miller

Northern Ireland – and the rest of the UK - could have a bigger budget. It’s a matter of choice. Public spending now that saves money later is a good investment.

NICVA and The Wheel launch the IFI Transforming Local Leadership Programme

By NICVA 14 Jun 2023 Sandra Bailie

On 15 June NICVA and The Wheel launched the new International Fund for Ireland (IFI) pilot programme - Transforming Local Leadership, with two information sessions for all IFI funded organisations.

Northern Ireland Fundraising Awards 2023

By NICVA 13 Jun 2023 Jocelyn Horton

The NI Fundraising Awards returned in 2023 after a pandemic enforced three-year break, with an incredible display of voluntary action on show.

When money is tight, campaigning is more important than ever

By ScopeNI 7 Jun 2023 Ryan Miller

The Department for Communities is consulting on its budget. Northern Ireland’s welfare mitigation payments are at risk. Those who want (at least some) payments that protect vulnerable people to continue should speak up.

Free Online Introductory Fundraising Workshops for NICVA Members

By NICVA 7 Jun 2023 Jocelyn Horton

Throughout Autumn 2023, we will host a series of FREE workshops for NICVA members introducing a different fundraising topic or aspect of fundraising.

Introduction to Social Enterprises

By NICVA 5 Jun 2023 Jocelyn Horton

In this resource Stephen McGarry from Work West Enterprise Agency provides an introduction to social enterprises and explores models of income generation to ensure long-term sustainability.

The Pilgrim Trust and their Young Women’s Mental Health programme

By NICVA 5 Jun 2023 Jocelyn Horton

Sonja Forbes, Grant Manager at Pilgrim Trust, gives an overview of their Trust and their Young Women’s Mental Health programme.

NI Budget 2023: Government departments consult on funding proposals

By NICVA 2 Jun 2023 Shauna O'Neill

The opening budget for 2023-24 has now been set by the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and with allocations falling significantly short, local Government Departments will be forced to demonstrate savings.

New toolkit launched for parents of children with disabilities

By ScopeNI 2 Jun 2023 Ryan Miller

A new toolkit for people whose children have disabilities – and written by parents, for parents – could be transformative for mums and dads who feel overwhelmed.

NICVA welcomes political parties to HQ for talks on Department of Health cuts

By NICVA 31 May 2023 Robbie Best

NICVA and CO3 welcomed representatives of the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector and representatives from across the political spectrum to discuss the recent news that Department of Health Core funding will not continue past September.

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