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How an outcomes-based approach can work for your organisation

By NICVA 22 Sep 2023 Leeann Kelly

Have you ever wondered how an outcomes-based approach can benefit your organisation? Let's explore it together!

Fundraising Regulator consults on The Code of Fundraising Practice

By NICVA 18 Sep 2023 Sandra Bailie

On 14 September The Fundraising Regulator met with NICVA members to outline the support they provide and inform the sector about their current consultation of the Code of Fundraising Practice.

Scoring Social Value in Public Contracts

By NICVA 18 Sep 2023 Geoff Nuttall

Want to know how to demonstrate Social Value in bidding for public contracts? Read and watch this special info & Q&A session held by NICVA on 14th September to find out more

Performance Management Policy

By NICVA 13 Sep 2023 Alex Hastings

The article outlines NICVA's Performance Management Policy.

The landline switch to digital

By NICVA 12 Sep 2023 Sandra Bailie

Landlines are going digital and BT are providing information and support to communities through Digital Voice.

First ever census of VCS adult learning provision in NI launched

By NICVA 11 Sep 2023 Sandra Bailie

On 8 September 2023 the first ever NI census of adult learning provision, delivered in connection with the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector in NI was launched in the Long Gallery in Stormont

Keeping Our Heads Above Water - How to Get Affordable Green Energy

By NICVA 8 Sep 2023 Geoff Nuttall

Feeling overwhelmed by soaring energy bills? Too overwhelmed to think about the climate crisis? On 8th September, NICVA held a special event to help voluntary and community organisations meet both of these big challenges.

Meta and PayPal Giving Fund announce partnership – what it means for fundraisers using Facebook and Instagram

By NICVA 31 Aug 2023 Jocelyn Horton

The partnership between Meta and PayPal Giving Fund to handle the processing of charitable donations means UK organisations need to act to avoid disruption to their fundraising on Facebook and Instagram.

Invitation to Tender for Interim NICVA Research Services Contract

By NICVA 24 Aug 2023 Alex Hastings

NICVA is inviting suitably skilled and experienced consultants to tender to deliver its research services under contract from 25 Sep 23 - 28 Feb 24.  Full details of what is to be delivered under the contract are detailed below

NICVA looks ahead with Future Thinking Series

By NICVA 18 Aug 2023 Shauna O'Neill

Much of this year has been about looking back. Looking back and rightly recognising the impact and contribution of our sector to The Good Friday Agreement and the lasting peace which has followed.

Digital Month - October 2023

By NICVA 4 Aug 2023 Sandra Bailie

As part of our Future Thinking Series, we are excited to be working with partners to deliver a series of digital workshops and seminars in October 2023.

Information Commissioner outlines support to the sector in NI

By NICVA 3 Aug 2023 Sandra Bailie

On 2 August NICVA welcomed John Edwards, the Information Commissioner, to NICVA, with over 50 people from our sector at the ICO event.

The cost of living crisis and the impact on NI charities

By NICVA 31 Jul 2023 Shauna O'Neill

With more and more people struggling through the Cost of Living Crisis, and a NI voluntary and community sector still under severe pressure due to Covid, charities themselves are struggling to survive.

Accessing Employer Support and HR Resources

By NICVA 31 Jul 2023 Alex Hastings

This article aims to signpost organisations in the VCSE (voluntary, community and social enterprise) sector to practical and often free sources of support for human resources and employment matters.

National Lottery funding distributors announce big changes

By NICVA 31 Jul 2023 Jocelyn Horton

Both The National Lottery Community Fund and The National Lottery Heritage Fund have launched their new funding strategies. The following is a summary of each:

Joint Forum Communique - June 2023

By NICVA 28 Jun 2023 Kathy Maguire

Catch up on the most recent news and activity happening via the Government and Voluntary & Community Sector Joint Forum.

Promoting best practice in fundraising

By NICVA 28 Jun 2023 Sandra Bailie

NICVA encourages organisations to follow the Code of Fundraising Practice. This article provides information about The Code and The Fundraising Regulator.

Help and Advice for Organisations Facing Funding Cuts

By NICVA 27 Jun 2023 Robbie Best

We've heard about the devastating effect funding cuts have had on our sector. Here is a collection of help and advice for organisations facing difficult times. 

Resources from Fundraising training series May-June 2023

By NICVA 27 Jun 2023 Sandra Bailie

This provides an overview of the fundraising series and links to six resources that were developed from the training sessions. To help share and disseminate the knowledge learnt.

Introducing NICVA's new Menopause Policy

By NICVA 26 Jun 2023 Alex Hastings

At NICVA we are really pleased to introduce our Menopause Policy to support staff affected by the menopause.

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