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Jerwood Foundation merges with Jerwood Charity and sets out future funding plans

By NICVA 16 Nov 2023 Jocelyn Horton

Jerwood Foundation, which has been supporting the arts since 1977 has completed the formalities of merging Jerwood Charity into the Foundation, now sets out funding plans.

Shaping the Future Relationship with Government

By NICVA 15 Nov 2023 Shauna O'Neill

An update from Denise Hayward, VCS Co-Chair of the Joint Forum on behalf of the Voluntary and Community Sector Panel, on proposals for a new Agreement between the Voluntary and Community Sector and Government 

Voluntary and Community Sector Infrastructure Support Public Consultation launched

By NICVA 15 Nov 2023 Shauna O'Neill

The Department for Communities is currently undertaking a review of its arrangements for supporting the Voluntary and Community Sector.

Getting better with data

By NICVA 9 Nov 2023 Sandra Bailie

This resource highlights the support that Data Orchard can provide including the Data Maturity Matrix.

NJC Payscales for 2023/24

By NICVA 6 Nov 2023 Eamonn McKee

The National Joint Council for Local Government Services pay agreement has been confirmed for 2023/24.  The pay offer was for a flat payment of £1,925 on each scale point with effect from 1 April 2023.

NJC 2023 - 2024 PAY UPDATE

By NICVA 3 Nov 2023 Eamonn McKee

The 2023 pay award has been agreed with trade unions.

Invitation to Join NICVA Focus Groups on VCS Workforce Issues

By NICVA 30 Oct 2023 Kathy Maguire

NICVA wants to hear about the issues sector organisations are currently facing in relation to staffing and workforce.

Budget cuts and inequality in Northern Ireland

By NICVA 26 Oct 2023 Shauna O'Neill

Joint press release by the Equality Commission and NICVA.

Voluntary and community groups and businesses come together to make powerful connections

By NICVA 26 Oct 2023 Shauna O'Neill

More than 100 business and charity representatives came together at Allstate NI on 25 October for the Community Connections Conference organised by NICVA and Business in the Community.

Communication training series 2023-24

By NICVA 24 Oct 2023 Sandra Bailie

We are delighted to be working with a range of partners to deliver a Communication Training Series over the next few months.

The key to creating change

By NICVA 24 Oct 2023 Sandra Bailie

We are still a long way off discovering our brains' full potential - there is so much for us to tap into to make life and work easier, happier and less stressful. The key to creating change is becoming more aware of how our brains work.

The basics of cyber security

By NICVA 20 Oct 2023 Sandra Bailie

This resource will outline the basics of cyber security and provide links to useful information and advice. The information is provided by NI Cyber Security Centre.

Good Relations Awards 2024 – Now Open for Nominations

By NICVA 19 Oct 2023 Shauna O'Neill

The Good Relations Awards 2024 are now open for nominations. The Awards will spotlight the vital role that members of the community throughout Northern Ireland play in delivering peacebuilding and community cohesion.

Amplify the voice of your users in one hour!

By NICVA 19 Oct 2023 Leeann Kelly

How focus groups can be used to strengthen your practice

AbilityNet - Making the digital world accessible to all

By NICVA 13 Oct 2023 Shauna O'Neill

NICVA member AbilityNet exists to change the lives of older and disabled people by helping them to use digital technology. 

Subject access requests (SARS) and Privacy notices

By NICVA 13 Oct 2023 Sandra Bailie

This is a resource based on the ICO guidance on subject access requests (SAR) for organisations and how to write and communicate privacy notices.

Introduction to Digital - What the sector needs and how NICVA can help

By NICVA 6 Oct 2023 Robbie Best

NICVA met with digital leaders from across the UK and asked - What is digital? And what can we do to make sure our sector is maximising its potential. 

Trustees' Month - November 2023

By NICVA 2 Oct 2023 Sandra Bailie

Trustees' Week is 6-10 November 2023, it is a special opportunity to recognise the valuable work of Trustees in our sector and to encourage others to volunteer on boards. This kicks off our Trustees' month in NICVA.

Gift Aid - Questions donors may have

By NICVA 2 Oct 2023 Jocelyn Horton

Gift Aid is important for charities and means millions of extra pounds goes to the charity sector rather than staying with HMRC. But your donors may have questions around how Gift Aid works. Use the following as a guide to help inform your donors.

NICVA convene sector-wide meeting with Shadow Secretary of State Hilary Benn

By NICVA 2 Oct 2023 Robbie Best

On Thursday 28th September, NICVA convened a sector-wide meeting with the newly appointed Shadow Secretary of State Hilary Benn.

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