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Useful resources from the Fundraising Regulation Seminar

By NICVA 14 Jun 2018 Sandra Bailie

There was a full house in NICVA for the fundraising regulation seminar on 12 June with Stephen Dunmore CEO of the Fundraising Regulator.

Guest Post: Handling Fundraising Complaints

By NICVA 14 Jun 2018 Lynn Kennedy

The fourth blog in a series by the Fundraising Regulator. In this one Sarah Fox, Head of Casework, focuses on the first lesson of donor dissatisfaction: Don’t get complaints about your complaints process!

First learners complete online Coaching and Mentoring training

By NICVA 9 Jun 2018 Sandra Bailie

We are delighted our first 20 learners have completed the online learning part of their ILM training from March to May through our partnership with Global Management Academy, with another 20 currently participating in online courses.

NICS Outcomes Delivery Plan 2018/19. Too Long; Didn't Read

By NICVA 6 Jun 2018 Siobhan McAlister

On Monday, (4 June) the NICS set out the actions that NI departments intend to take during 2018/19 to take forward the previously stated objectives of improving wellbeing for all by tackling disadvantage and promoting economic growth. 

Health Transformation Update

By NICVA 1 Jun 2018 Seamus McAleavey

The Department of Health has provided an update on progress in health transformation including the Encompass Programme which will introduce a digital integrated health and care record to Northern Ireland.

Spam email offering supposed Attendee List for fake NICVA event

By NICVA 1 Jun 2018 Stephen Gray

We've had a couple of reports about a spam email that sent from "Mina Wylie, Marketing Executive" offering attendee lists for a supposed NICVA event. 

GDPR and Encryption

By NICVA 31 May 2018 Ian Kelly

With GDPR now in effect, appropriate technical measures including, but not limited to encryption in certain forms will be a requirement. This guide is to help reduce the confusion surrounding the different types.

NICVA Conversation Zone at Sinn Féin Ard Fheis '18

By NICVA 31 May 2018 Siobhan McAlister

NICVA's Conversation Zone will return to the Sinn Féin Ard Fheis on Saturday 16 June at the Waterfront Hall, Belfast.

Featured Member: Refugee Rescue

By NICVA 22 May 2018 Neil Wilson

20 June marks International Day of the Refugee. Headquartered in Belfast and a member of NICVA, one charity has helped thousands of people fleeing war.

May 2018 Brexit Update

By NICVA 15 May 2018 Siobhan McAlister

Last week the European Union (EU) Withdrawal Bill had its final day of report stage in the House of Lords.

Data Protection Toolkit - Write a Privacy Notice

By NICVA 14 May 2018 Bob Harper

Privacy notices help the people who you process personal data about understand why and what you do with their information. The GDPR specifies what must be included and how they should be written.

Data Protection Toolkit - Templates and Guidance

By NICVA 14 May 2018 Bob Harper

Our guidance addresses some common themes for data protection in the voluntary and community sector. We've created some templates as a starting point for you to work with.

Data Protection Toolkit - Document your processing activities

By NICVA 13 May 2018 Bob Harper

It is a legal requirement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to keep a clear record of your processing activities. This resource explains what to do and provides templates for you to get started.

The Revolution is Coming: Are we ready?

By NICVA 10 May 2018 Geoff Nuttall

NICVA intern Miao Sun's report on how the new technological 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' will impact on jobs, society and the future of the sector.

Data Protection Toolkit - Frequently Asked Questions

By NICVA 9 May 2018 Bob Harper

A number of common scenarios and questions that we have received on GDPR and data protection.

Data Protection Toolkit - Further Guidance

By NICVA 8 May 2018 Bob Harper

More resources on GDPR and data protection, including sub-sector specific information.

Data Protection Toolkit - Legitimate Interests Assessment & Template

By NICVA 8 May 2018 Bob Harper

Legitimate interests is one of six lawful basis set out in the GDPR to justify the processing of personal data (data relating to an individual from which that individual can be identified).

Guest blog: Investing for your charity

By NICVA 2 May 2018 Guest Author

Philip Keers, outgoing Chairman of the Northern Ireland Central Investment Fund for Charities, highlights the benefits for local charities.

A buzz in East Belfast

By NICVA 30 Apr 2018 Helen McLaughlin

There was great excitement in the air as voluntary and community organisations in East Belfast attended the East Belfast Community Capacity and Leadership Programme’s first networking event on Tuesday 24 April.

NJC Payscales 2018 – 2020

By NICVA 27 Apr 2018 Eamonn McKee

The National Joint Council for Local Government Services has confirmed the pay deal, setting new pay rates from 1 April 2018 and 1 April 2019.


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