Fundraising Regulation

NICVA works closely with the Fundraising Regulator (FR) referring people to them for advice, promoting the Code of Fundraising Practice, communicating the the sector in NI through FR blogs and coordinating FR events in NI.

The Fundraising Regulator is an independent, non-statutory body that regulates fundraising across the charitable sector in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It stands up for best practice in fundraising, in order to protect donors and support the vital work of fundraisers. They work in partnership with other regulators and the representative bodies in the charitable and fundraising sectors to build public confidence and ensure consistent fundraising standards across the UK

In 2017 the NI voluntary sector, after a 9-month consultation exercise, chose to be governed by the existing Fundraising Regulator rather than set up its own, home-grown fundraising regulation system. Northern Ireland is represented on the Board of the Fundraising Regulator by Walter Rader, well known to many here from his time as the Big Lottery Fund’s NI Director and his work in helping set up the Charity Commission.

In March 2018 registration for the FR and Fundraising Preference Service opened in NI. All charities can register with the FR for £50 per year. If you spend more than £100,000 on fundraising in a year then you should pay the appropriate levy, this is a voluntary contribution to support the cost of our work. You can register here.

We encourage all charities to make themselves familiar with the Code of Fundraising Practice and follow it in their own organisation, this inclcudes board members, staff and volunteers. It is a voluntary code developed by and for fundraisers to support best practice and protect the reputation of charities to the public.


Summary of discussions from the Fundraising Regulation Seminar (12/06/2018)

An article detailing some of the comments, questions and answers from the Roundtable and Panel sessions at the Fundraising Regulation Seminar

Useful resources from the Fundraising Regulation Seminar

There was a full house in NICVA for the fundraising regulation seminar on 12 June with Stephen Dunmore CEO of the Fundraising Regulator.

Guest Post: Handling Fundraising Complaints

The fourth blog in a series by the Fundraising Regulator. In this one Sarah Fox, Head of Casework, focuses on the first lesson of donor dissatisfaction: Don’t get complaints about your complaints process!

Guest Blog - Launch of the Fundraising Preference Service (FPS) in NI

The third blog in a series by the Fundraising Regulator. In this one Daisy Houghton, Head of Secretariat & Corporate Services, gives us an update on the Fundraising Preference Service (FPS) which launches in NI on 26 March 2018.

Practical GDPR guidance from Fundraising Regulator and IOF

NICVA welcomes the joint guidance on GDPR released by Institute of Fundraising (IoF) and the Fundraising Regulator (FR) and reviewed and co-badged by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Guest post: What’s next for fundraising regulation in Northern Ireland?

This is the second in a series of blogs as the Fundraising Regulator develops its work with charities and the public in Northern Ireland. In this one Gerald Oppenheim, Head of Policy and Communications gives us an update on what's next. 

Guest Post: Introduction to The Fundraising Regulator (FR)

This is the first in a series of blogs from The Fundraising Regulator. The first one, by Stephen Dunmore Chief Executive of the FR, is an introduction to the Fundraising Regulator, an update on what has been happening and plans for the future.

Fundraising Regulator to oversee Charity Fundraising In Northern Ireland

NICVA is pleased to announce it has invited the Fundraising Regulator to oversee and regulate fundraising in Northern Ireland.

The Journey of Fundraising Regulation in NI

Since September 2016 we have been consulting with the NI sector and we are pleased to announce that the Fundraising Regulator now has responsibility for fundraising regulation in NI.

Consultation shows preference for joining Fundraising Regulator

Over the last few months the Fundraising Regulation working group have been consulting with the sector on the best option for fundraising regulation in NI. This is an update of progress to date.'s picture

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Head of Organisational Development

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