Charity commission

Independent review of charity regulation engagement meetings

29 Mar 2021Denise Copeland Charity RegulationCharity commission

The Independent Review Panel of Charity Regulation seeks your views on how well the charities regulatory framework, which is administered by the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland, is working and what could work better. 

Charity Commission delays charity registration for some

5 Sep 2019Denise Copeland Charity RegulationCharity commission, Charity Regulation, Sector Issues; Funding

The Charity Commission is currently not registering all charitable organisations that have submitted an application due to a High Court ruling which was handed down on 16th May.   

Charities ‘in default’

20 Feb 2019Denise Copeland Governance and Charity Advice, Charity Regulationaccounting, Charity Regulation, Charity commission

There are currently 474 charities classified as being ‘in default’ on the charity register. 

Cross-border working is rewarding – when you know how

13 Feb 2018Neil Wilson Charity RegulationBrexit, Charity commission, Charity Regulation

A sell-out conference for charities working both North and South of the border heard from several speakers who outlined the specific challenges they faced and how they met them.

Guest Post: Introduction to The Fundraising Regulator (FR)

26 Sep 2017Sandra Bailie Fundraising RegulationFundraising, regulation, Charity commission

This is the first in a series of blogs from The Fundraising Regulator. The first one, by Stephen Dunmore Chief Executive of the FR, is an introduction to the Fundraising Regulator, an update on what has been happening and plans for the future.