Mental Health

NICVA Wellbeing Group: Promoting a Healthier and Happier Workplace

20 Mar 2023Sandra Bailie Community Wellbeing and Resilience ProgrammeHealth and Wellbeing in the Workplace, Mental Health, Physical Activity

Over the last three months the NICVA Wellbeing group has been busy providing opportunities for staff to focus on their wellbeing and learn how to improve their mental and physical health.

Death is not the end

15 Mar 2023Ryan Miller undefinedDeath, Grief, Mental Health

We all die eventually but, before we do, most of us encounter death many times. Not all of us handle it well. Additional support could help.

Poverty has many faces

6 Mar 2023Ryan Miller undefinedPoverty, Social Policy, Sector Issues, Social Security, Mental Health

New research reaffirms an old oddity – Northern Ireland has the lowest rate of poverty of any UK region. However, that’s not the whole story.

You won’t address economic inactivity if you misdiagnose the problem

23 Feb 2023Ryan Miller undefinedHealth, Mental Health, Economic Inactivity, Carers, Disability, Social Security

The Chancellor has flagged up economic inactivity as an urgent issue. If he looks at this complex challenge and attempts a simple fix, he won’t get the results he wants.

Tough times can bring out the best in people

25 Jan 2023Ryan Miller undefinedMental Health, Health, Cost of Living, Poverty, Sector Issue, Social Policy, Funding

Two new pieces of research lay out two sides of the cost-of-living crisis: poor mental health, and communities rising to meet the problems we all face.

Poverty isn’t just for Christmas

18 Jan 2023Ryan Miller undefinedPoverty, Health, Mental Health, Loneliness, Older People

Distribution of the £600 home energy payment has begun. However, for some older people in Northern Ireland, huge challenges remain as they struggle both with the cost of living and the risk of loneliness.

Eating disorders in Northern Ireland: a problem of unknown scale

16 Dec 2022Ryan Miller undefinedHealth, Mental Health, Eating Disorders

Eating disorders can devastate lives – but, here in NI, treatment services are not comprehensive and we simply don’t know how many people need help.

Strategies for positive mental health in the workplace - resources and recording

12 Dec 2022Sandra Bailie HRMental Health, Webinar Recordings, Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

This resource is a summary of the strategies and advice shared on the Strategies for positive mental health webinar on 8 December 2022 and includes a recording of the webinar. The panel had representatives from Inspire, ASCERT, AWARE and CRUSE NI.

Work Well Live Well in NICVA

9 Dec 2022Sandra Bailie HRWellbeing, Mental Health, HR

Last year NICVA partnered with NI Chest Heart and Stroke (NICHS) and The Public Health Agency (PHA) to be part of the Work Well Live Well Programme. This short article tells of our journey and some of the ideas we have for next year.

Academic selection is under the microscope again

8 Dec 2022Ryan Miller undefinedEducation, Academic Selection, Mental Health

Another year’s transfer tests have just finished – will there be many more? Or, with the Independent Review of Education due to wrap up in the Spring, could academic selection at age 11 be headed for the scrapheap?