Childcare needs support, and right now – for everyone’s benefit

25 Nov 2022Ryan Miller undefinedEconomy, Childcare, Education, Social Policy, Children, Early Years

For too long, childcare in Northern Ireland has been treated as an afterthought. As inflation hits its highest rate for over four decades, the pressure on both providers and parents is coming to a head.

Bullying is a nightmare for parents – how do they help their kids?

17 Nov 2022Ryan Miller undefinedBullying, Mental Health, Children, Young People, Education, Schools

The idea that your child could face bullying is quite terrifying. Surveys show lots of children experience bullying. However, there are ways adults can help.

Schools are vital, but we can all help increase children’s physical activity

9 Nov 2022Ryan Miller undefinedHealth, Mental Health, Children, Young People, Education, Physical Activity, Play

A new report from the Education and Training Inspectorate found that most schools are falling short of targets for PE. That needs to change, along with many other things, to halt the decline in kids’ physical play.

Data Protection Toolkit - Protecting children's data

23 Aug 2018Bob Harper General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)Data protection, Children

Here are some things you might have questions about if your charity or community group collects or uses personal information about children.

Over 2,000 road crashes outside schools spark calls for 20mph speed limit

17 Jun 2016Bob Harper Detail DataDetail Data, Open Data, Roads, Health and Safety, Children

ELEVEN people - including one child - have been killed and over 2,600 people have been injured as a result of road traffic collisions close to schools in Northern Ireland over the last decade.

Inside Northern Ireland's family courts

12 Apr 2016Andrea Thornbury Detail DataFamily Court, Children

OUTDATED government policy on family breakdown and child custody has resulted in Northern Ireland “sleepwalking into a culture of litigation” with courts being used to “perpetuate family conflict”, the head of a leading charity has warned.

Child Protection and Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults - Guidance and Training

7 Dec 2010Training and Skills DevelopmentTraining, Children, standards

Sources for standards, guidance and training on child protection and safeguarding vulnerable adults in Northern Ireland.