First ever census of VCS adult learning provision in NI launched

11 Sep 2023Sandra Bailie Training and Skills DevelopmentAdult Learning, FALNI, Education

On 8 September 2023 the first ever NI census of adult learning provision, delivered in connection with the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector in NI was launched in the Long Gallery in Stormont

Is a public services meltdown on the cards?

27 Apr 2023Ryan Miller undefinedEducation, Stormont, Budget, Health, Mental Health, Politics

The Secretary of State’s budget is here. A bonfire of services seems likely. With a focus on education, Scope looks at cuts that are already in motion – and outlines the consequences.

Money might be tight, but Northern Ireland has to treat vulnerable children better

2 Mar 2023Ryan Miller undefinedEducation, SEN, Sight loss, Hearing loss, Vulnerable children, Disability

The High Court this week declared that the rights of two children with sight loss were breached when authorities failed to help get them to school. This grim story points to a bigger problem facing NI.

First Northern Ireland community education census aims to support learning providers

24 Feb 2023Shauna O'Neill Training and Skills DevelopmentEducation

A major new research initiative aimed at transforming adult education in Northern Ireland has been launched by AONTAS in partnership with the Forum for Adult Learning in Northern Ireland (FALNI).

Are we comfortable with continuing to fail children with SEN?

16 Feb 2023Ryan Miller undefinedEducation, SEN, Social Policy

For years, mental health provision was described as Northern Ireland’s ‘Cinderella Service’. What words would best describe services for special educational needs?

Academic selection is under the microscope again

8 Dec 2022Ryan Miller undefinedEducation, Academic Selection, Mental Health

Another year’s transfer tests have just finished – will there be many more? Or, with the Independent Review of Education due to wrap up in the Spring, could academic selection at age 11 be headed for the scrapheap?

Childcare needs support, and right now – for everyone’s benefit

25 Nov 2022Ryan Miller undefinedEconomy, Childcare, Education, Social Policy, Children, Early Years

For too long, childcare in Northern Ireland has been treated as an afterthought. As inflation hits its highest rate for over four decades, the pressure on both providers and parents is coming to a head.

Bullying is a nightmare for parents – how do they help their kids?

17 Nov 2022Ryan Miller undefinedBullying, Mental Health, Children, Young People, Education, Schools

The idea that your child could face bullying is quite terrifying. Surveys show lots of children experience bullying. However, there are ways adults can help.

Schools are vital, but we can all help increase children’s physical activity

9 Nov 2022Ryan Miller undefinedHealth, Mental Health, Children, Young People, Education, Physical Activity, Play

A new report from the Education and Training Inspectorate found that most schools are falling short of targets for PE. That needs to change, along with many other things, to halt the decline in kids’ physical play.


7 Jul 2021Déarbhla Sloan Value of the SectorEducation, Research, Public Benefit, Policy and Public Affairs

Education is not confined to the classroom. Learning and teaching starts at birth and can continue throughout our lives. 60% of NICVA members provide education, skills, and learning opportunities to people of all ages throughout our society.