Making a Sustainable Difference in your Organisation

25 Oct 2022Jocelyn Horton Fundraisingfunders, Environment

The environment affects all aspects of our lives and there are numerous benefits for organisations to address environmental issues such as improved finances and greater appeal for employees, supporters and funders.

Community Foundation Northern Ireland - Our response and learnings through COVID-19

13 Sep 2021Jocelyn Horton Fundraising, COVID 19funders

We asked the Grants and Donor Care Team at Community Foundation NI to reflect on the last 18 months to let us know what they have learnt during the pandemic and any changes they have made.

Statements from key trusts & foundations on their COVID-19 responses

27 Mar 2020Sandra Bailie Funding and Fundraising (COVID19)funders, Funding, COVID19 (Coronavirus)

Many funders have demonstrated flexibility during this time. Some with extra funding, others with allowing grant variations.  Below are links to statements by individual funders on how they are tackling COVID-19.