Why we need to know the truth about Kincora

12 Aug 2015Nick Garbutt Social Policy, Politics

Why is Secretary of State Theresa Villiers so determined to ensure that allegations about child abuse at Kincora Boys Home in Belfast does not form part of the UK investigation? 

Shifting sands: NI's political landscape on marriage equality is changing

6 Aug 2015Ryan Miller Social Policy, Politics, Equality

Last week Scope highlighted the view that marriage equality in Northern Ireland is "inevitable" - are changes in the past week a sign of this inevitability in action?

Spooky action at an unknown distance - GCHQ and Amnesty International

27 Jul 2015Ryan Miller Politics, Social Policy

The security services exist to protect us as citizens and allow us to live in freedom. Scope speaks with spying victims Amnesty International about whether spying on human rights organisations can fulfil that purpose.

The other Villiers in Ireland: famine, internment, rebellion

21 Jul 2015Nick Garbutt Community Relations, Politics

Theresa Villiers is not the first of her family to hold high office in Ireland. 

It's just a ride - the economic impact of perception

17 Jul 2015Ryan Miller Community Relations, Peace Process, Politics

Another 12th of July, more phantasmagorical news footage of screaming, hatred and violence – what now for Brand Northern Ireland?

Sexism, racism and periscopes: Upper Bann on twitter

27 May 2015Nick Garbutt Politics, Social Media

Upper Bann is just getting back to normal again after an election campaign that ended in acrimony with allegations of racist abuse.

Twitter: the MLAs of South Antrim

26 May 2015Ryan Miller Politics, Social Media

South Antrim - the Jewel of the Six Mile – joins Scope’s list of constituencies to receive a sober and sombre social media probe.

Inside the world of the spads

26 May 2015Nick Garbutt Politics

Earlier this month the Office of First Minister deputy First Minister released information that it was ordered to by the  Information Commissioner revealing the salaries paid to the special advisors working for the First Minister.

The Apathy Party sweeps the board again

26 May 2015Nick Garbutt Politics

Now that the dust has settled on the General Election and the victory champagne has gone flat, Scope looks at the section of the electorate nobody is talking about: the people who did not vote. 

How American non profits are getting politicians to sit up and notice

13 May 2015Nick Garbutt Sector Issues, Politics

As cuts deepen should the sector lie down and take it, disappear into silos, with everyone fighting everyone else for scraps, or is there a better way?