Public Procurement

Public Procurement Practice in Northern Ireland

27 Jun 2016Michael McGilligan Centre for Economic Empowerment, Policy & Public AffairsPublic Procurement

This research empirically tests some of the concerns that have been expressed in relation to contemporary procurement practice in Northern Ireland.

Innovation conference - Development, Design and Delivery

25 Mar 2015Jenny McEneaney Public Sector Reform, Policy & Public Affairs, Centre for Economic EmpowermentPublic Procurement, Policy, Public Sector Reform

NICVA and the Chief Executive's Forums conference on innovation in public service delivery saw speakers from the public, private and voluntary and community sectors address delegates on innovative processes and practices.

Fostering Innovation Through Public Procurement

19 Mar 2015Bob Harper Centre for Economic Empowerment, Policy & Public AffairsEconomy, Public Procurement, Public Service Delivery

This report examines how public procurement in Northern Ireland can better encourage innovation – the creation of new processes, products, ideas and services.

Public Procurement - Outsourcing Accountability?

20 Feb 2013Eoin Rooney Centre for Economic EmpowermentPublic Procurement

Public procurement has again attracted controversy with the publication of a report last week by the Audit Office.