Public Service Delivery

Fostering Innovation Through Public Procurement

19 Mar 2015Bob Harper Centre for Economic Empowerment, Policy & Public AffairsEconomy, Public Procurement, Public Service Delivery

This report examines how public procurement in Northern Ireland can better encourage innovation – the creation of new processes, products, ideas and services.

The Need for a Strategic Approach to Taxation

6 Mar 2015Eoin Rooney Centre for Economic Empowerment, Policy & Public AffairsEconomy, Public Expenditure, Public Sector Reform, Public Service Delivery

In the first of three articles on taxes and their role in public policy, we consider the need for the Northern Ireland Executive to review the local system of taxation.

Heenan Anderson Commission Consultation

20 Jan 2015Elizabeth Hendron Policy & Public AffairsPublic Service Delivery, Welfare Reform, Adult Learning, Economy

The Heenan-Anderson Commission has been set up to look at the causes of the current levels of economic marginalization and deprivation in Northern Ireland.

NICVA Response to NI Executive Draft Budget 2015-16

24 Dec 2014Bob Harper Budget 2015-2016, Policy & Public Affairs, Centre for Economic EmpowermentBudget Asks, Public Expenditure, Public Sector Reform, Public Service Delivery

This paper contains NICVA’s reflections on public finances in general, our learning from our participation in this particular consultation process, and comments on each departmental spending plan.

Open Government: is necessity the mother of invention?

27 Nov 2014Nick Garbutt Public Sector Reform, Public Service Delivery, Open Data

Paul Braithwaite, Development and Implementation Officer, Building Change Trust, looks at whether an Open Government could be the step change that Northern Ireland needs.

Budget 2015 raises serious concerns for voluntary and community sector

4 Nov 2014Lisa McElherron Policy & Public Affairs, Budget 2015-2016Public Expenditure, Public Service Delivery, Budget

When the Finance and Personnel Minister Simon Hamilton presented the draft 2015/16 budget to the NI Assembly he said it was based on hope not fear.

Sector Groups Meet with Finance Minister

3 Dec 2013Lisa McElherron Policy & Public Affairs, Public Sector ReformPublic Sector Reform, Public Service Delivery

Simon Hamilton, Minister for Finance and Personnel met with representatives of the voluntary and community sector at NICVA on Thursday, 21 November.

Managing to Deliver: Public Service Delivery in Northern Ireland

1 Apr 2010Andrea Thornbury ResearchPublic Service Delivery

This research examines the impact of public service delivery in Northern Ireland and involved analysing the impact of contracted public services and developing a detailed assessment of the economic scale of public service delivery.

Viewfinder 3

1 Jun 2004Andrea Thornbury ResearchMerger, Finance, Gift Aid, Public Service Delivery, Viewfinder (Research)

Viewfinder 3 showed underutilisation of Gift Aid schemes, annoyance at the difficulty faced when attempting to secure media coverage of issues and events, and a sector unsure of its future role in the delivery of public services.

Drifting Off Course?

20 Jan 2004Andrea Thornbury ResearchPublic Service Delivery

Research on the impact of public service delivery from the perspective of the voluntary and community sector and government. A report originally prepared for the Task Force.