Department of Finance Update on Non-Domestic Rates Consultation/Charity Exemption

30 Nov 2022Geoff Nuttall Policy & Public Affairs, Investing in SocietyRates

The Department of Finance has just released a report of the responses to its 2019 rates consultation including views on the charity rates exemption

Charities claim £5.5m for good causes threatened by rates row

16 Feb 2016Policy & Public AffairsRates

Thirteen charities warned today that a hike in charity shop rates in Northern Ireland could mean they would have £5.5m less to spend on the most vulnerable. 

NICVA responds to Consultation on Non-Domestic Rating Policy

22 Jan 2016Jenna Maghie Policy & Public AffairsRates

Today NICVA submitted their response to the DFP Consultation Paper on Northern Ireland's Non-Domestic Rating Policy.

How could the rates review affect your organisation?

9 Dec 2015Bob Harper Policy & Public AffairsRates, Finance, accounting, Policy

The review of the non-domestic rating system makes some proposals around the current exemptions that charitable organisations receive on their properties. Voluntary and community organisations could be affected. Here we examine how.

Innovation Lab: A Review of Business Rates

20 Jul 2015Jenny McEneaney Public Sector Reform, Policy & Public AffairsPublic Sector Reform, Rates, Policy

NICVA was invited by the Public Sector Reform Division in DFP to participate in an innovation lab on a fundamental review of business rates.

NICVA Response to Rate Rebate Scheme Consultation

26 Feb 2015Bob Harper Policy & Public Affairs, Welfare Reform, Centre for Economic Empowerment, Investing in SocietyWelfare Reform, Rates

This is NICVA's response to the Department of Finance and Personnel's consultation 'Long-term Options for Rates Rebate Replacement Scheme'

DFP Rate Rebate Consultation

10 Sep 2013Policy & Public AffairsRates, Policy

NICVA recently ran a consultation event on rating. Changes happening to the rates support element of Housing Benefit, known as the rate rebate element of Housing Benefit.