Charities claim £5.5m for good causes threatened by rates row

16 Feb 2016PolicyRates

Thirteen charities warned today that a hike in charity shop rates in Northern Ireland could mean they would have £5.5m less to spend on the most vulnerable. 

NICVA responds to Consultation on Non-Domestic Rating Policy

22 Jan 2016Jenna Maghie PolicyRates

Today NICVA submitted their response to the DFP Consultation Paper on Northern Ireland's Non-Domestic Rating Policy.

How could the rates review affect your organisation?

9 Dec 2015Bob Harper PolicyRates, Finance, accounting, Policy

The review of the non-domestic rating system makes some proposals around the current exemptions that charitable organisations receive on their properties. Voluntary and community organisations could be affected. Here we examine how.

Innovation Lab: A Review of Business Rates

20 Jul 2015Jenny McEneaney Public Sector Reform, PolicyPublic Sector Reform, Rates, Policy

NICVA was invited by the Public Sector Reform Division in DFP to participate in an innovation lab on a fundamental review of business rates.

NICVA Response to Rate Rebate Scheme Consultation

26 Feb 2015Bob Harper Policy, Welfare Reform, Centre for Economic EmpowermentWelfare Reform, Rates

This is NICVA's response to the Department of Finance and Personnel's consultation 'Long-term Options for Rates Rebate Replacement Scheme'

DFP Rate Rebate Consultation

10 Sep 2013PolicyRates, Policy

NICVA recently ran a consultation event on rating. Changes happening to the rates support element of Housing Benefit, known as the rate rebate element of Housing Benefit.

Welfare reform: changes in the rates rebate scheme

1 Mar 2013Welfare Reform, PolicyWelfare Reform, Rates

As part of the welfare reform agenda changes will be made to the Rates Rebate Scheme in Northern Ireland. This will become an important issue for the voluntary and community sector as the reality of the welfare reform changes becomes clear.