Cyberfraudsters are targeting Northern Ireland charities

19 Dec 2016Andrew Talbot ICTsecurity, cyber security

One of NICVA’s members was recently the victim of a highly sophisticated cyberfraud. 

Cyber Essentials Guidance

29 Sep 2016Ian Kelly ICTcyber essentials, Data protection, security, cyber security

NICVA successfully achieved Cyber Essentials certification earlier this year and now more than ever we need to stress the importance of implementing a good Cyber Security policy in your organisation.

Spot the Spam, avoid the Scam

4 Jun 2015Ian Kelly ICTemail, security, spam

Be aware of the details to look out for in a potentially suspect email and avoid being conned out of your personal details, computer security or your money.

Demystifying Social Media Security

20 Nov 2014Ian Kelly ICTSocial Media, security

How much personal information are you sharing unknowingly on Social Media? And to what sort of people? Arm yourself with the knowledge to be able to protect you and your family from potential harm.

Tips for Tablet Security

5 Nov 2014Ian Kelly ICTTechnology, security

Mobile computing use and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is becoming more popular in the workplace, here are some basic tips to secure and protect your data at minimal cost.