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Cyber Security Guide - Managing

By NICVA 20 Apr 2022

Like any security process, cybersecurity will need to be maintained. This section will provide some straightforward guidance to help with that, including how to get insurance and how to make sure your board has proper oversight.

Cyber Security Guide - Actions

By NICVA 20 Apr 2022

By following the tips on this page, you can make your organisation’s cybersecurity robust.

Cyber Security Guide - Introduction

By NICVA 20 Apr 2022

NICVA’s starter cybersecurity guide is easy to follow for anyone. It is designed to help any organisation, big or small, become cybersecure from a standing start. The changes you need to make should be quick and free of stress.

Guest Blog: Getting started with using ads on Facebook for fundraising

By NICVA 23 Mar 2022 Jocelyn Horton

If you’re looking to try advertising on Facebook to recruit new donors, Tori Arthurs, Supporter Recruitment Manager at Friends of the Earth gives some pointers to get your project off the ground.

Guest Blog: Top Tips for Getting Started on Social Media

By NICVA 21 Mar 2022 Jocelyn Horton

Paige Ardrey, Social Media and Engagement Manager at Friends of the Earth gives us her top tips for getting started on social media.

Live Panel Discussion - trends, ideas and overcoming challenges in cashless giving

By NICVA 15 Mar 2022 Jocelyn Horton

The Live Panel Discussion, part of the #DigitalFundraising Webinar Series 2021, discussed the impact of the pandemic on fundraising, future trends, inspiring ideas, and ways to overcome challenges in cashless giving.

Basic finance tutorial videos

By NICVA 22 Feb 2022 Denise Copeland

NICVA has developed a series of tutorial videos to help treasurers and trustees of small to medium sized voluntary led organisations understand the basics of financial record keeping and good financial governance.

How to prepare annual accounts (R&P)

By NICVA 17 Feb 2022 Denise Copeland

This tutorial video will help you to understand how to prepare your annual accounts on the receipts and payments basis.

How to keep books of account

By NICVA 17 Feb 2022 Denise Copeland

This tutorial video will help you to understand the basic rules and principles for good financial management in your organisation.

Introduction to the Big Give webinar

By NICVA 8 Feb 2022 Jocelyn Horton

Sahil Shah, Partnerships Manager gave an overview of The Big Give, the UK's number 1 match funding platform specialising in connecting charities, philanthropists and the public to make a greater impact through the power of match funding.

Online donations financial best practice - resources and recording

By NICVA 7 Feb 2022 Sandra Bailie

As part of the #DigitalFundraising series in December 2021 Tony Clarke delivered a session on financial best practice with online donations. This resource summarises the key points and includes the recording of the webinar.

Cashless Donations from Supported Giving

By NICVA 27 Jan 2022 Jocelyn Horton

Hosted by Jonathan Muggleton, Delivery & Operations Manager and Charlotte Barnard, Customer Success Executive from Supported Giving gave an overview of cashless donation solutions such as Text -to-donate and QR codes.

“Online Marketing is the new normal: What charities can learn and do” webinar

By NICVA 26 Jan 2022 Jocelyn Horton

As part of the #DigitalFundraising Webinar Series, Ciaran Connolly, CEO at ProfileTree, a Belfast-based content marketing company, hosted the “Online Marketing is the new normal: What charities can learn and do” webinar.

Cashless Giving with the Fundraising Regulator - summary and recording

By NICVA 5 Jan 2022 Sandra Bailie

On 7 December 2021 we hosted a webinar with Paul Winyard and Joanne McDowell from the Fundraising Regulator as part of the #digitalfundraising series.

Building Digital Capacity in fundraising - key points

By NICVA 5 Jan 2022 Sandra Bailie

On 6 December 2021 we hosted a discussion with Kevin McCaughan, a freelance fundraiser, on building digital capacity in fundraising as part of the #digitalfundraising series.

Smartphone technology can enhance donor experiences

By NICVA 22 Nov 2021 Jocelyn Horton

Smartphone technology can offer your supporters more than just an easy and convenient way to donate, it can enhance their experience and even help you cash in on their everyday transactions.

Digital Donations with Smartphones

By NICVA 22 Nov 2021 Jocelyn Horton

We explore how smartphones are transforming charitable donations.

Digital Donations - choices for the sector

By NICVA 22 Nov 2021 Jocelyn Horton

We explore the options available to charitable and voluntary organisations of all sizes to collect donations digitally.

Code of Good Governance 3rd Edition

By NICVA 9 Nov 2021 Denise Copeland

The 3rd Edition of the Code of Good Governance for voluntary and community organisations in Northern Ireland was launched in Trustees' Week by the Charity Commission on behalf of the Developing Governance Group.

Grounded Conversation revisited

By NICVA 22 Oct 2021 Lynda Gould

'Grounded' is an opportunity for practioners to share their thinking about the current challenges of engaging in community work that is shaped by faith.

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