Tough times can bring out the best in people

25 Jan 2023Ryan Miller undefinedMental Health, Health, Cost of Living, Poverty, Sector Issue, Social Policy, Funding

Two new pieces of research lay out two sides of the cost-of-living crisis: poor mental health, and communities rising to meet the problems we all face.

Poverty isn’t just for Christmas

18 Jan 2023Ryan Miller undefinedPoverty, Health, Mental Health, Loneliness, Older People

Distribution of the £600 home energy payment has begun. However, for some older people in Northern Ireland, huge challenges remain as they struggle both with the cost of living and the risk of loneliness.

Why your health really is your wealth

23 Jun 2022Nick Garbutt CommunicationsHealth, Poverty

Whenever we discuss how to improve health we invariably neglect the biggest factor of all in making us ill: poverty.

The Scaffolding Project - The Experience of Poverty And Community Responses In East Belfast

18 Oct 2021Déarbhla Sloan Policy & Public Affairs, CiT Communities in TransitionPoverty

With support from NICVA, The Scaffolding Project have launched a briefing document examining 'The experience of poverty and community responses in East Belfast.'

Poverty, Housing and Homelessness

24 Jun 2021Déarbhla Sloan Value of the SectorPoverty, Research, Policy and Public Affairs, Public Benefit

"Poverty is when a person’s resources are well below their minimum needs, including the need to take part in society." Joseph Rowntree Foundation