We aim to provide the sector with up-to-date information and guidance to help with sustainable financial management.

Important changes to Payroll Legislation 6 April 2013

22 Feb 2013Alex Hastings HREmploying People, Finance

To improve the operation of Pay As You Earn (PAYE), HMRC have introduced a new system called Real Time Information, or RTI.

Sector Matters - Building Financial Foundations

25 Jul 2011Sector MattersFinance

The Building Financial Foundations project is a new initiative from Sector Matters, funded by Lloyds TSB Foundation. Working with groups with an income up to £100,000 Sector Matters will deliver support and guidance on good financial practice.

Viewfinder 3

1 Jun 2004Andrea Thornbury ResearchMerger, Finance, Gift Aid, Public Service Delivery, Viewfinder (Research)

Viewfinder 3 showed underutilisation of Gift Aid schemes, annoyance at the difficulty faced when attempting to secure media coverage of issues and events, and a sector unsure of its future role in the delivery of public services.