Our Governance and Charity Advice Service offers information and practical help about good governance for charities on a wide range of topics listed below. You can find out more about governance issues on our Governance and Charity Advice webpage or view our Governance Advice Notes for further support.

Code of good governance consultation

24 Sep 2019Denise Copeland Developing Governance Group, Governance and Charity AdviceGovernance

The Code of Good Governance is a voluntary set of standards on good governance practice for the boards of voluntary and community organisations.

Look to NICVA to meet your training needs

23 Jul 2019Sandra Bailie Training and Skills DevelopmentTraining, Governance, Fundraising, skills, courses, accreditation

September is approaching, we are thinking about “back to school” - are you thinking about your own learning and development needs in the next few months?

Developing a governance planning framework

20 Jun 2019Denise Copeland Governance and Charity AdviceGovernance Advice Notes, Governance

Creating a governance calendar is a very practical and effective way for organisations to develop their own planning framework to help them identify their key governance events and requirements throughout the course of a year.

NICVA’s Trustees’ Annual Reporting Conference

20 Jun 2019Denise Copeland Governance and Charity AdviceGovernance, Charity Regulation, accountability

This year’s Trustees’ conference, held on 4 June 2019, was all about the Trustee Annual Report (TAR).  

Double Check Your Annual Reporting Documents, Warns Charity Regulator

22 May 2019Shauna O'Neill Charity Regulation, Governance and Charity AdviceGovernance

Charity bank statements, instructions on how to play Bridge and a grant application are just some of the unexpected information submitted to Northern Ireland’s charity regulator under the annual reporting programme, it has been revealed.

Celebrating trusteeship

12 Nov 2018Denise Copeland Governance and Charity AdviceGovernance, trustees

Trustees’ Week 2018 takes place during 12-16 November to celebrate the great work that trustees contribute to charities.  It is also an opportunity for charities to think about how they could attract new people onto their Boards. 

How good is your governance?

7 Nov 2018Denise Copeland Governance and Charity AdviceGovernance

This is a question that trustees should be considering as part of their role on the board.  

Is your charity annual monitoring return due?

18 Oct 2018Denise Copeland Governance and Charity AdviceCharity Regulation, Governance

The Charity Commission has issued text alerts to trustees and updated its guidance on how to complete the annual monitoring return with helpful screenshots of the online return.  

Good governance and charity reporting

13 Apr 2018Denise Copeland Governance and Charity AdviceGovernance, Charity Regulation

The Developing Governance Group has arranged two further good governance and charity reporting seminars with the Charity Commission and local support networks in both Omagh and Newry. 

Good Governance and Charity reporting

12 Feb 2018Denise Copeland Developing Governance GroupGovernance, Charity Regulation, fundraising regulation, GDPR

Almost 6,000 charities are now registered with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland and as such, must adhere to the reporting requirements for all registered charities.